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The Weirdest Mythical Creatures That Live in Your Home

By | source:Here Nov 25th, 2019

At some point in our lives, we were all interested in mythical creatures and folklore. No? Well, maybe it was just me… Anyhow, I just can’t stop thinking and reading more about it! It’s quite interesting when you go deeper into the history behind these folklore creatures.

The cute depictions of these fascinating folklore creatures are amazing! I think I may have even seen a Matagot while visiting Paris on my vacation… Well, maybe it was just a stray cat, who knows really, but the properties of a Matagot seem to bear more good news than bad news. At least that much is nice!

I am interested though, what are your experiences with mythical creatures? I’ve heard the Icelandic people believe in elves… Do you believe in these interesting myths? Perhaps it’s just my childish mind, but man oh man is it fascinating to read about all these unique little fella’s. Though, some of them don’t seem “little” per se…

The most interesting looking one would probably have to be the Boggart from English Folklore. Look at it! It’s like Bigfoot! Except somehow it’s not in American folklore. Hey, maybe that just further proves the existence of Bigfoot… Who knows? I really don’t.