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Parenting In The Digital Age

By | source:FamilyOrbit Jul 29th, 2016

As a Millennial myself, my parents had the hard job of trying to understand technology at the pace I was going. Let’s just say they didn’t. You can’t blame them, the internet is a completely different animal than anything my parents had experience with. At one point they were arguing over if I should see a PG13 movie, the next year I have complete access to the entire World Wide Web.

As technology has gotten better, more options to keep kids, kids are out there. Netflix has their children accounts, there are quality website blockers at schools, and at home, but new tech isn’t slowing down. What do you do when your child comes home past curfew, but they weren’t out partying, they were just catching Pokemon? Where does one draw the line in the age of instant technological gratification?

Take a gander at today’s graphic for a more in-depth look at the options available to parents for keeping on top of the newest tech.