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What Type of Clutterer Are You?

By | Aug 3rd, 2016

Minimalism is all the rage, but few of us can keep up with a spartan aesthetic. Follow this flow chart to discover what kind of clutterer you are.

All tidy people are alike, each messy person is messy in their own way. Well, unless you fit into one of these broad categories.

The most difficult point in this flow chart for me is deciding whether the prospect of throwing away my belongings makes me feel panicked or exhilarated. Can I say both? Also, can I add another category to the clutter kinds? I’d say I’m a surface clutterer. I don’t let things build up on the floor or my bed, but pretty much any other surface – desk, dresser, chair – gets stacked with things until I snap one day and put it all away. Then the buildup to begins again.

This infographic has good tips for staying tidy based on what category you fall into, but if you want some good general advice on actually getting your house clean rather than just neatening the stuff in it check out our 15 Cleaning Hacks infographic.