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By | source: Dec 7th, 2013

Examine, if you will,

For a moment at least,

The complexity of,

A poetry piece.

Sometimes they rhyme,

Sometimes they don’t,

It’s not a big deal,

Just write from your soul.

Poetry, in essence,

Is nothing more,

Than an a window into,

A language’s lyrical core.

There’s all sorts of poems,

A different genre for all,

Whether you like them long or short,

Fat, skinny, small or tall.

Epics are great,

They’re adventurous and brave,

This is how Mr. Homer,

Met his friend, fame.


Of whom I’m certain you’ve heard,

Wrote only in iambic pentameter,

Such a poetry nerd.

Lyrical poetry,

As described here,

Explores the feelings of the author,

They’re the most sincere.

Watch out for satires though,

They can be quite dark if not dangerous,

Like that creepy goth girl,

Who writes poetry using words like, “abyss”.

Her poems though,

Are what you’d consider elegy,

They’re designed to evoke sorrow,

And explain her hard life of “tragedy”.

But I digress,

I detest,

And my words, this, suggest,

That her life is a “mess”,

Yes, I’m mean, I confess

Yet she’s really not less,

I just know that I’m best,

She’s on a path, and I’m on a quest

She wears her heart on her sleeve, and I, in my chest,

But I have, by now, too much recessed,

So I guess I’ll put this conflict to rest.

Back to the subject,

Where were we now,

Ah, this infographic,

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