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Sitting Pretty

By | source: Feb 18th, 2013

If you’ve ever had an office job or worked at a desk for an extended period of time you’re probably already aware of the importance of a good desk chair. The quality of the chair you sit on for most of the day can directly influence your enjoyment and level of comfort on the job, but even once you have the right chair there are certain (seemingly small) ways of sitting which can affect your comfort and health.

Today’s infographic comes from The Huffington Post and gives a few different tips for sitting at your desk that may improve the quality of your job. Propping the monitor up so that it’s eye-level, for instance, reduces strain in the neck muscles that would normally be caused from continually needing to look up and down at a monitor that isn’t eye-level.

For more tips on sitting more comfortably at your desk refer to the infographic below. [Via]