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The Super Skin of Superheroes

By | source:Here Oct 8th, 2017

Comic books are sources of hours and hours of fun.  It was always considered guaranteed summer reading.   Some of the stories get somewhat complex and build on a seemingly endless number of heroes. Just look at the rosters of the famous publishers like DC, Marvel, and Image Comics. They are full of colorful, unique, and sometimes utterly crazy characters. I mean, how can someone come up with a character like Elongated Lass, and be normal.

If you are anything like me and my friends, then you probably had long sessions discussing characteristics of many different superheroes. Their power levels, financial statuses, love affairs, pretty much anything is up for debate.

Now, I can’t give you answers to all of these questions, but what I can give you is this infographic that will resolve a debate about who is the toughest. In it, you will find 86 superheroes and their level of toughness based on their skin. So take a look and finally learn if the Hulk can smash the Wonder Woman.