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The Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

By | source: Dec 15th, 2013

Having a great smile is something people usually tend to hold in good regard. You may even trust others with nice teeth more so than those you may know with crooked teeth. We all are drawn to people with confidence. We can learn from our own lives that people with straighter teeth are more confident. Albeit unfair, the matter is just a fact of nature. People gravitate to appealing aesthetics and we are not all born with the same features.

Before the age of cosmetics, the masses were able to get along just fine without orthodontists and dentists. However, disease and illness are seen to have been far more prominent in the past. Since the integration of a daily teeth cleaning regimen, mouth and dental diseases due to bad cleaning habits, could very well be going extinct (eventually).

Having straight teeth is most certainly at the bottom of the barrel of things important, but it does happen to have some added health benefits as this infographic will reiterate.

Straighter teeth are less likely to be a liability when talking about gum disease, and having straighter teeth can even make cleaning your teeth easier. Parts of teeth are not as hard to reach. Straighter teeth are less likely to grind which will save you from chipping and dulling. Crooked teeth can even lead to a crooked jaw from ‘the uneven distribution of force’ while chewing.

All of these problems could amount to the price for minimal braces! However, it’s up to you to decide their importance. [via]