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The Big Fat Christmas Infographic [Interactive]

By | source: Dec 20th, 2012

Today’s graphic showcases facts and figures from all aspects of life, but with keeping the Christmas Spirit in mind. The Twelve Days of Christmas is one of the holiday tunes that almost every American knows by heart. We have been overwhelmed with numerous knock-offs of the Twelve Days over the years and I hope the original remains the top dog. In December, the same songs dominate the airwaves and are played on repeat at the mall, the dentist, the grocery and it seems like every business on the face of Earth.

I do believe our society has started to reach full capacity on the Christmas spirit, though. Early November is when outlet stores would start putting up the Christmas decorations and switch their in-store jams from Rihanna to Rudolph. This year I feel we waited almost until December – it had to be a new record. I noticed there was even Thanksgiving decore up this year after Thanksgiving. I’m also relieved the whole politically correct ‘Happy Holidays’ fiasco has been quiet. Just wish people whatever holiday you want and they should be happy you’re thinking about them. [Mason Zimbler]

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