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The Cost of Love: Not All Relationships are Created Equal This Valentine’s Day

By | source:RetailMeNot Feb 8th, 2016

For Valentine’s Day, money-saving site RetailMeNot held up a magnifying glass to the true cost of romance to see how much people are willing to spend on first dates, gifts and that swipe right on Tinder. Today’s infographic delves into the the impact Valentine’s day plays on a man’s or a women’s bank account, and some tricks to save a little dough.

I’m part of the 16%! I believe those on a first date should always pony up and split the bill. It is only fair, although the majority of Americans believe otherwise. Contrary to what I thought, only half of the population believes the man needs to sign the bill on a first date. 33% believe the person who initiated the date should pay, but historically in America the boy usually asks out the girl.

If you’re one of the 30% of people who tend to wait until the last minute to make plans or buy gifts, be sure to take a look near the bottom on this graphic. Procrastination will put a dent in your wallet, so think ahead. Purchase your gifts just a week or two in advance and you could be saving a ton of cash.

Have a sweet Valentine’s day in 2016!