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What to Pack for the Perfect Picnic

By | source:Here Jun 27th, 2019

What better activity is there than going to a park and having a picnic with your friends and family? It’s finally springtime, the weather is warming up, the grass is greener, flowers are blooming — it’s picnic season!

To begin packing for your picnic, you should start by getting a picnic basket if you don’t already have one. It sets the mood for the picnic and of course is practical for carrying all the food and drinks.

The general list of things you need to put in the basket is food, drinks, plates, napkins, and utensils. I think ice packs are optional unless you have something you need to keep cold. The specifics of the food and drinks are up to you. This infographic offers nice suggestions for bread, fruits, snacks, and desserts.

Other things that you might want to consider bringing: sunscreen to protect from UV rays, a camera to capture the beautiful day and happy memories, and a frisbee to toss around after eating. The infographic also suggests that you bring a speaker to play your favorite tunes, but you could also have a jam session by bringing your own instruments!

Doesn’t all this picnic talk make you want to go enjoy the sunshine? Check out today’s infographic to start planning your perfect picnic.