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The Rise of Social Media Spending

By | source: Sep 10th, 2010

I try to find the most interesting and compelling infographics that everyone will find interesting. This can be a little difficult when most of the quality infographics are created by those who work in social media, for those who work in social media.

Well, that’s a bit of a problem for me. Not many of y’all work in social media. Sure, I enjoy all the social media infographics, there’s a big possibility that I’ll be in that field one day. Have you ever looked at the stats of these social media infographics?

Well then, take a look at this one. The projected spending on online advertising is expected to increase almost $2 billion from 2010 to 2011. $400,000 of that is projected to be spent on social network advertising. That is a big chunk, so big that there is the possibility that one day you will go into social media marketing yourself.

You may not know it now, but it could be your job one day. You’re already an expert from spending hours on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Digg everyday. Learn some marketing techniques and you could turn your Facebook time from procrastination to an occupation.

Some people seem to think that social media is a fad. ‘Oh, it will die out’ people say. Really? Forms of communication are not really under the ‘fad’ category. Sure, the telegraph, snail mail, and smoke signals have lost popularity, but that’s only because they have been replaced by something better. I believe social media is nearing the peak of communication and has ample time before it ‘dies out’ or something else can take it’s place. [Via]