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The Twitter Biotch!

By | source: Apr 11th, 2011

Today’s infographic is about the different Twitter profiles, but you should like us on Facebook! Admittedly, I have never been very active on Twitter nor I have done much following of people. However as of late I have started to get into Twitter and it is a cool place. With profiles varying from nothing, but facts, to teens complaining about their parents. There is always something new to read on Twitter, and you never have to worry about it being too long, a plus in a society with an ever shortening attention span. Today’s infographic covers the profiles of the different types of Twitter users.

I’d like to think, that we at Daily Infographic fall in the “brand” category, but it seems as though we are social media whores and fall into the “smore” category. The infographic separates the different types of Twitter users into six simples categories consisting of newbie, brand, smore, b1tch, maven, and mensch. Which category do you think you fall in? Let us know in the comments section! [via]

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