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This Is Why Women Are Expected To Wear High Heels At Work

By | source:Here Jan 24th, 2017

I work in an office where I can get away with wearing flip-flops most days, but many women aren’t so lucky.

Women are often expected to wear high heels, and some companies even require it in their formal dress codes.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wearing heels. Sometimes it’s fun to feel taller and a bit more powerful. But this infographic shares the not-so-great reason women are still expected to wear stilettos. High heels have been viewed as feminine and sexually alluring over the years and are thought to command attention.

Earlier this year, an employee at PwC challenged her company’s dress code for requiring heels. The company changed its policy after public outcry and now allows flat shoes.

If you wear high heels too often, you may end up with back pain and weaker ankles. Employers can require employees to groom themselves, but there can’t be discrimination against one employee. Rules have to apply to every employee.

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