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What’s Killing You?

By | source: Jan 25th, 2014

I love horror movies. My first encounter with a horror movie was when I was only a kid of about 7 or 8 years spending the night with my grandfather. Every time I would stay with him, we would go to the local Hastings and pick out a couple of movies to watch. (Anybody here remembering renting movies?) Every time I went into a movie rental store, the first place I would go would be the horror section. My parents would never let me watch any scary movies, because apparently, The Exorcist and  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were “not good” for my mind. Stupid parents. What do they know?

Anyway, I was with Granddad, and I remember him telling me to get any movie I wanted to watch. With so many great classics to choose from, my first impulse was Scream 2. (I think I was just too excited to be watching a scary movie, that I wasn’t really paying attention to which one I picked.) So, we went back home, watched it, and I learned why my parents didn’t want me to watch scary movies. Because they are scary. It was the first time I had watched a movie and made myself cover my eyes. No one had to tell me, I just knew that I didn’t want to see people being murdered.

That little anecdote does really have anything to do with this infographic, but it kind of explains itself. Also, it’s a promo for Cabin In The Woods, which was a fantastic horror movie, if you’re a true horror movie fan. Go watch it, and enjoy this infographic while you’re at it! [via]