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Why Joint Pain Causes Suffering In Our Furry Friends And How To Help

By | source:Big Barker Nov 25th, 2018

Although an overwhelming majority of older dogs suffer from Osteoarthritis joint pain, most of us never realize our dogs are hurting. Unfortunately, what we don’t know may shorten our dog’s life. There’s a way you can learn what’s wrong with your dog and alleviate its suffering.

If you’re not a book-worm or a serious dog-lover, you probably don’t know that around 80% of old dogs suffer from conditions such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and other serious illnesses. Most often, you won’t know a thing because your dog will probably suffer in silence.

If you notice Fido walking stiffly, acting testy if you touch it on certain spots, or if your buddy sleeps more than usual, then your dog might have joint pain. Preventing symptoms from worsening is crucial. Speak with your veterinarian, then pay close attention to your dog’s diet and bedding. Plus make sure your pet is getting enough exercise. Joint pain that goes unnoticed can have dire consequences as immobility increases the risk of many other health conditions.

Identifying your dog’s pain in the first step in getting treatment. For the 48% of US households that own a dog, keeping your furry best friend healthy and happy is essential. If you love pets, then you’ll enjoy finding out which states love dogs the most.