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Words Waiting to be Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

By | source: Sep 27th, 2013

Words, words, words! A picture says a thousand words, but this picture only says 44 or so. I am personally confused by the word “wag” mentioned in the infographic–a celebrity, girlfriend, or wife? Must that person have a label? I feel like that is a step backwards. “Muffin top” was only used in writing 8 years ago? “Con Artist” is just being added to the dictionary? Am I reading this infographic correctly?

Personally, I still can’t believe that Google Chrome doesn’t recognize “infographic” as a word. Couldn’t there be someone who simply flips a switch that tells my browser that an infographic is a thing that people look at and even read sometimes, and it is not a word that I made up? Currently I have to flip that switch myself, and that is so daunting.

Today’s infographic is kind of interesting, But halfway hard to read. For some reason the designer thought overlapping the text and putting the words upside down would be a good idea for half of the infographic. It is even from a popular and generally credible source, I am disappointed in Wired for allowing such a badly designed graphic on their site. The content is not terrible though, it is interesting that there are so many words that we use that have not been added to the dictionary yet. [via]