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10 Jobs For The Future

By | source:Here Feb 12th, 2019

The world is changing quickly, and some careers are being created out of seemingly thin air. This changes are attributed to the technological development that has only been increasing with time.

Before the internet, there were telephone operators, charged with the management of the blooming telephone network at the beginning of the twentieth century. Even before that, there were human alarms. Yep, you read that right. These were people whose job was to make sure that people woke up in time to go to work. They used sticks or stones to knock on the doors and windows of their customers.

Around that same time, town criers made public announcements and official proclamations. This was usually accomplished by shouting in the middle of the street. It seems like a completely different world with no internet, no alarm clocks and very few people with access to schools and education.

Even though it seems like a million years ago, those jobs disappeared for the same reasons jobs are disappearing nowadays. Technological development and scientific discoveries have made our lives easier, but at the same time, it has rendered lots of occupations completely useless. Do you want to get ready for the future? Whether you choose a high-paying career or one that fulfills a personal passion, this infographic lists 10 jobs that will be in high demand in the coming decades.