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Your Personal Statement Is Your Ticket To College

By | source:Here Apr 6th, 2021

Your personal statement supports your application for admission into college. It is your one chance to explain why you want to study in your chosen field, offering insight into the unique skills and experience that you bring.

This is your chance to persuade the college admission board why they should accept you into the college. Writing a personal statement shouldn’t be a difficult task. It is, after all, your story. That being said, many would-be college students find it difficult to put together. Research shows that college applicants have many concerns about the application process. This infographic offers advice on the do’s and don’ts of writing your personal statement.

Remember, your personal statement is one of the hundreds that the committee must read. Try to make yours stand out. Make sure that you have done your research about the school before you write the statement. Check the curriculum of the course that you plan to study. This should act as a guideline to the skills that you should consider discussing in your statement.

Your personal statement should complement the rest of your application. All the documents in your college application should tell a story and speak as one. Your personal statement does not have to be overly formal. Let your voice speak out so that the committee hears you through your statement and believes in your interest in the course and college.