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Battle Of The Sexes

By | source: May 2nd, 2014

You can tell a lot about a person by their web activity. That’s a given. But, what can web activity say about the differences and similarities between men and women? This is a question today’s infographic attempts to answer.

Overall women tend to make online privacy a higher priority than men, while men tend to post more embarrassing things that they will later regret on social media sites. This isn’t so surprising- I think generaly women tend to be a little more guarded, whereas men are more likely to make asses of themselves. To test this theory, go to a bar and observe drinking habits of men and women. There will probaby be more women sipping cocktails, and more men pounding their 13th beer of the night (maybe some fist-pumping involved) at some point, you will at least think to yourself, “Wow, that guy is a douche-bag.”.

What I found very interesting is that there are more female online gamers (55 percent) than men. This is a statistic that I really wish I would have been aware of in high school- but I guess it’s never too late to get back into Starcraft Online.

There are many more intriguing statistics on men, women, and their respective web activity nestled away in this infographic. Give it a read and see for yourself. [Via]