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Cat Naps: Should You Share A Bed With Your Feline Friends?

By | source:Here Jun 11th, 2018

As a proud cat owner, I have been guilty of falling asleep with my pets on more than one occasion. But should we share the bed with our furry friends?

The main reason cats shouldn’t be in the bed is that felines are nocturnal animals. This means that unless you do something about it, they’ll be up and about all night, making sleep nearly impossible. Besides, they’ll have more time to stare at you for hours on end. Not my favorite part about sleeping with Whiskers!

At night, bored cats can be annoying and downright aggressive: Suddenly, our feet become the best toy and every movement causes excitement — and a few scratches — from our best friends. To avoid this, we need to emulate how our cats would behave in the wild: hunt, catch, eat and rest. As our homes aren’t exactly forests with prey waiting to be caught, cat toys are the next best thing: Play with your cat until it’s tired and panting a little, then let them catch the toy.

As they gloat, give them their food. Afterward, you’ll have a sleepy cat in your hands that will be out all night. Do this before every meal and you are guaranteed to have a well-behaved cat 24/7. Easy peasy!