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Why You Should Choose Your Own Meat

By | source:Here Jul 20th, 2020

Most of us don’t give too much thought to the origins of the meat that we eat. Perhaps we should. This infographic shows that the lives and deaths of grass-fed and conventional cattle are worlds apart. Grass-fed cattle eat more than just grass. They also graze on herbs and flowers, collectively called pasture.

Grass-fed beef is considerably more expensive than beef from conventionally fed cattle but for some people, the additional cost is worth it. They are leaner and, according to some research, contain more nutrients. They also include more of the healthier fats.

Grass-fed cattle are even better for the environment since pastures don’t need fertilizers or pesticides. Fertilizers contain nitrates that are a major cause of carbon emissions. Of course, there’s also the ethical consideration of the living conditions of the factory farm animals. They live in confined spaces that are less than hygienic, which is why they are more prone to the spread of disease. They receive more antibiotics and hormones to encourage growth and mitigate those diseases.

Not knowing how the animal was raised has the potential to make you ill. A test carried out by Consumer Report in 2015 showed that up to 18% of conventionally raised cattle carried superbugs compared to just 6% of pasture-fed cattle.

Perhaps it’s time to go meatless. It’s never been easier.