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Everything you need to know about Covid-19

By | source:Here Jul 21st, 2020

It has been more than a century since the world has seen a pandemic that has come anywhere close to scaring the general population the way that Covid-19 has, and with good reason. This is not by any means the worst viral outbreak in history, but we’re living with it. While the earlier outbreaks of Covid-19 were controlled quite quickly, in some countries the positive cases have kept growing and growing.

Knowledge overcomes fear and this infographic does a really good job of describing the statistics and comparing Covid-19 to other pandemics. It also gives us a pretty good idea of how the various countries are coping with managing the disease and preventing deaths.

From the macro to the micro – the riskiest pastimes for catching Covid-19 offers you a good insight into how to avoid the places where you are most likely to be infected. Staying and playing outdoors seems to be your best bet.

If you are tested positive, don’t panic. For most people the infection is mild. This infographic also shares who is most at risk. If you’re young and healthy with no serious health issues, you should suffer no more than would if you caught a normal dose of flu. Still, if you’re like me, you’ll avoid the crowds, wear a mask, and wherever possible stay at home. Who wants to be sick?