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Christmas Cruises

By | source: Nov 19th, 2012

The image of Christmas probably brings up a slightly different image for all of those who celebrate the holiday. For many it involves the standards: going back home to be with friends and family, Christmas trees, large meals, sweaters, fireplaces, the list goes on. These traditions are well-known and enjoyed, but some people like to change up their yuletide conventions and head for places a little more…tropical.

Everyone knows Christmas comes a little earlier every year, so today’s infographic from outlines some of the most popular destinations and activities for Christmas cruises. The cruises combine the environmental comforts of the ocean and tropical destinations with the standard traditions of Christmas. For passengers with children, there is a Santa Claus who comes to visit and passengers are usually given gifts.

For more information on an alternative method to celebrate Christmas, refer to the infographic below. [Via]