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The Art and Science of S’mores

By | source: Nov 18th, 2012

You should be totally jealous. â??Why?â?, you ask. Let me lay it out for ya. I was fortunate enough to go camping this weekend. Everyone knows camping is the greatest and that there are some requirements for your nighttime to be the right time: 1) fire, 2) starlight, and 3) a marshmallow heating up just right in order to fulfill its duty in between graham and chocolate. To make your envy of me reach an all time high, I have one of these magnificent combinations of cocoa, gluten, and sugar in my belly. Daaaaaaaaangâ??that is impressive.

There really is something magical about sâ??mores. Am I right, or am I right? No matter your marshmallow cooking style, when youâ??re done with your first, it will be hard not to desire more of that gooey goodness. As if sâ??mores arenâ??t hard enough to resist, camping in and of it self is one of the most relaxing things. It is so refreshing to get back in touch with nature and escape from our ecologically large footprint lifestyles. It is difficult to remind ourselves of the animalsâ?? habitats we should be conserving while it is important to remember that we are not the only creatures out there.

We affect so much with our lifestyle here in the U.S. It is up to us to live as one with the world around us. Go camping and eat sâ??mores. [via]