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Hollywood’s Top 13 Killer Actors

By | source:Here Apr 26th, 2021

In nearly all cinema, death is bound to occur. It’s simply part of the storytelling process and really makes the stakes seem higher. Today’s infographic takes a look at Hollywood’s deadliest actors, or the actors that have racked up the most on-screen kills. In this list you’ll see various names you might know from various eras of film.

Taking the number one spot is Samuel L. Jackson, who leads the way with a whopping 1,734 kills. This is nearly 500 more than the second deadliest actor (or in this case, actress), Milla Jovovich. With how many huge films and film franchises that Jackson has starred in (Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, etc.), it’s no surprise he leads by such a considerable margin.

Many of the huge action stars from many years ago appear in this list too despite not appearing in many movies recently, with Schwarzenegger, Lundgren, and Stallone all also making appearances on this list.

Looking at this infographic makes it apparent that each of these Hollywood stars has been a major part of the business overall. The fact that they were able to rack up so many on-screen kills says a lot about both their staying and star power.