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How to Teach English

By | source: Jun 27th, 2014

Do you need a job that pays well, challenges your mind and is exciting? Who doesn’t? Perhaps you feel the only skill you have is the ability to say, â??I have a degree.â? But what you may not know is that your ability to say that, and read this with the ease of a person who learned English as their first language, is enough skill to get a job teaching English in another country. All you need is a degree and an American, English, Canadian, or Australian accent. The program I have applied through is called Seoul ESL. Perhaps you are afraid to take the plunge because of financial reasons. Did you know that some programs pay for your flight to the country and back? Also, housing is often included and usually within walking distance to the area you will be teaching.

People want to learn English. It is a very good skill to have, and to go and give someone the gift of your language and accent could be very rewarding. The infographic below explains some of the ways people are trying to learn English other than in the classroom.