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Fictional Car Insurance Is A Nightmare

By | source:Here Jul 9th, 2020

An important step to take before driving is to insure your vehicle. Today’s infographic looks at how much it would cost to insure some of the most famous fictional vehicles.

Today’s infographic gives a humorous and half-serious look at what it would cost to insure some of the most famous fictional vehicles of all time. Considering that these vehicles come from fictional properties, it’s no wonder that the insurance seems pretty outrageous for some of them. These vehicles are often involved in action-packed, high stakes situations, thus raising the heck out of their insurance prices.

Aside from displaying annual costs of insurance, this infographic also gives the audience a look at each car’s make/model, details about the owner (occupation, age, marital status, gender), past accident claims, parking location, and driving practices of the owner. This infographic clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, as it is packed with references to each of the source materials and doesn’t necessarily contain a reasonable insurance cost for each vehicle.

For example, the estimated insurance cost of the iconic Tardis from Doctor Who is stated to be ‘the price of a new sonic screwdriver’. This is just one example of the great humor that this infographic contains.

Be sure to view the rest of the infographic to see how much your favorite fictional vehicle would cost to insure.