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Making The Cut: Your Guide To Essential Kitchen Knives

By | source:Here Dec 22nd, 2017

Thanks to my wedding registry, I ended up with a pretty full kitchen. I have to be honest, though. When it comes to knives, I just reach for the closest one.

I had no idea there was such a science to the knives in my drawer, but now that I’ve seen this infographic, I’m shocked at just how much information I was missing out on.  There are many types of knives I’ve never even heard of.

Did you know there’s more to a knife than just a handle and the sharp part? Much like humans, knives have spines and heels. (They also have points, bolsters and tangs.)

The knife you need all depends on which kind of food you’re dealing with. For example, cooked meat requires a carving knife or slicer. A utility knife, on the other hand, can be used for produce and sandwich meat, along with cutting and slicing.

Meanwhile, a chef’s knife can be used for produce or meat and is good for chopping, slicing and dicing. A cleaver (which brings horror movies to mind) is also useful for produce and meat.

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