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How To Get Millennials Excited About Your Brand

By | source:Here Jul 13th, 2018

How reliant are you on technology? The answer is probably “very” regardless of your age, but if you’re a millennial, you’re likely even more dependent. Millennials don’t know a world without the Internet, and it’s second nature for them. We use technology to order our food, buy pretty much everything, and even find romantic partners.

About half of millennials shop online, and nearly all millennials carry smartphones. An even more encouraging statistic: More than 80 percent of millennials interact with brands in some way.

With nearly 90 million Americans fitting into the millennial category, they’re a huge part of your target demographic as a business owner. What can you do to make your company more appealing?

Consider making your website mobile-friendly. Remember, millennials have smartphones and aren’t afraid to use them frequently. You should also think about whether your brand as a higher cause — TOMS is a great example of a company that advocates for social good. Millennials are drawn to companies that are generous, and they also love affordability.

If you want to appeal to a bigger market, try marketing your products to millennials online. The chances are good that you’ll profit from the decision, and it’ll create loyal customers for your brand. Whether you use content marketing or decide on something more traditional, the potential for a high return on investment is good.