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Peter Leeds Takes A Look At Pot Stocks

By | source: Apr 26th, 2014

Marijuana. Pot. Weed. Chronic. Mary Jane. The sticky icky. Dat dank, man. Whatever it is you call it, cannabis is the fastest growing (popularity-wise)  recreational drug in the United States today. And whether you agree with it’s legalization or not, the time for acceptance of this long-since misunderstood plant is here, and the bandwagon’s leaving you in the dust. No, wait. That’s just a cloud of smoke. I neither praise nor condemn users of the drug, but as you can see from this wonderfully simple infographic from Peter Leeds, there is no doubt that legalization has had a positive impact. After being legal for only two months in Colorado, there has been no increase in crime. Equally important, tax revenues are expected to be anywhere between $20 – $134 million. It’s not going to fix all of our government’s debt problems, but I guess anything helps.

States all around the nation are becoming more and more involved in the marijuana issue, and many are becoming active supporters of use of the drug both recreational and medicinal. Recreational use is soon to be legal in Alaska, California, Oregon, and Maine. Let’s sit back and let the money roll in. [via]