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Remembering Sexy Librarians

By | source: Apr 2nd, 2011

For the longest time librarians held the key to whatever question you had, books. However with the rise of the internet and technology the librarian has been swept under the rug. The librarian like any other job is having to modernize and rather than be librarians in the common sense they are becoming information specialists. Today’s infographic is all about the librarians of the past and some of their contributions to the field.

The first library was started in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin. Today that library holds thousands of historical manuscripts including the Mayflower Compact along with many items once having belonged to Franklin himself. Although female librarians are common today the first female did not work as a librarian until 1954. Continue on to find these facts and many others. Hope you enjoy today’s infographic and have a great Saturday! [Master Degree Online]