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Rockin’ that Mattress

By | source: Apr 1st, 2011

Since you all seem to like sleep infographics, for example this one, I bring you another one. As many of you know we spend one third of our lifetimes sleeping, but did you know that is 20% less than we used to sleep 100 years ago? Today’s infographic is brought to us byCoast to Coast. Today’s sleep infographic offers something a little different than previous ones. As you will see right at the top there is information about the different types of mattresses and their pros and cons.

One thing that really caught my eye in this infographic was the magnetic bed, so I decided to do a little more research. The bed can reportedly hold 900 kgs which is about 2,000 pounds, as you can imagine these are some pretty strong magnets. Due to the magnets it is recommended you no longer have anything metallic in your house and convert to all plastic. The bed is made by the Dutch and costs 1,200,00 euros which is 1,699,143.91 American dollars. However if a cool floating bed is not cool enough for you, how about a bed 10 feet by 12 feet? As a final note, happy April Fools Day! Don’t forget that April 2nd is Pillow Fight Day! [Coast to Coast]

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