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Strange Cat Facts

By | source: May 19th, 2012

Growing up, I used to hate cats. But since being in college and being around cat lovers, Iâ??ve finally to be able to appreciate and accepts that cats are actually are some pretty quirky animals. From their fascination with bright lights, to their ability to defy gravity, I have determined cats are actually pretty awesome.

Cats are also extremely mysterious and independent when compared to other household pets. They usually have no problem hanging out alone all day. Even to this day I still cannot figure out what catâ??s are all about. Luckily, todayâ??s infographic explains some of the strangest facts that cats have to offer.

Hopefully todayâ??s infographic will help you better understand your cat and all of its quirks and screws that it has to offer. Even though cats can be a bit sour and anti-social, they are nothing but animals that are looking to be loved. [via]