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The Horrifying Truth About Bullying

By | source:Here Jan 3rd, 2020

As a to-be parent, I am looking into information on how to raise a proper young child to be a splendid adult. Then, I remembered my own hard times at school, with bullying being such a big issue nowadays…

It is scary to think about, really. How horrid would it be if your own child would be bullied? Threatened, their belongings damaged or destroyed, their stuff stolen? It is a daily occurrence, especially cyber-bullying, and while it is not nice to think about it, it is something that can’t be ignored.

Not all is dark of course. The way I see it, the first step is to raise your child well, with good manners and understanding of how to socialize properly with other children. The other important step is to observe the interactions of children in school. That’s the job of the teachers, but it can sometimes be hard to notice every nook and cranny of school grounds in order to prevent bullying.

Learn to recognize signs to know if your own child is being bullied, and find out how to prevent school bullying from happening. For the safety of our children and our future, it is something we should know and understand by now.