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What The Heck Is Curling?

By | source: Apr 2nd, 2014

So, Iâ??m a little late to the winter Olympics party, but letâ??s talk about curling. When I first learned there was an Olympic sport called â??curlingâ? I envisions two dudes, both with tank tops and hair heavily gelled, going toe-to-toe and seeing who could curl the best. I pictured this event happening somewhere like Venice beach, maybe. Turns out, itâ??s actually a lot more complicated than that. Did you know there are actually different â??playersâ? in curling? Itâ??s not just one dude/lady slinging that disk-looking thing (apparently called a stone) across the ice. Well, you have a Skip- essentially the captain, a Lead and a Second- the people who sweep down the ice with those brooms as the â??stoneâ? makes itâ??s way down the ice, and a Third- who talks strategy with the Skip.

Knowing the players alone canâ??t begin to unravel the mystical secrets of Curling. Itâ??s always seemed to me that it must take an extraordinary understanding of physics to be good at a sport like Curling. And how did Curling start? And when? Why is it called Curling? By the time the next Winter Olympics rolls around, I plan on impressing all my friends with a wealth of Curling knowledge. Until then, this infographic will have to do. [Via]