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What You Need to Know About the Flu

By | source: Mar 6th, 2014

From what I’ve heard, the flu is a terrible illness that could knock out even the healthiest of individuals. Thankfully, my solid immune system has kept my body resilient and flu free throughout my entire 23 years of life; even without a yearly flu shot. However, after a disgusting encounter where a woman coughed in my face (it was in passing at a Target, but I was still I horrified), I have decided that I probably shouldn’t push my luck with trying to dodge the flu with my anti-bodies alone.

I always assumed that the flu vaccine was just a big hoop-la created just to generate money. However, after my terrifying face-cough incident with that infected woman, I’ve decided to become a responsible adult and get my flu shot next season.

Thankfully, todayĆ¢??s infographic, brought to you by GlaxoSmithKine, provides some interesting flu vaccine information that will hopefully convince you non-believers to protect yourself against the flu. Your body will surely thank you when you do! [What You Need to Know About Flu]

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